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2010.06.06. 21:30 speti43

The trip to Рахів via center of Europe


We went to Рахів via Виноградів, Хуст, and Тячів and stopped at the middle of Europe.  On the right bank of River Tisza there is a long, black, rectangular marble. This obelisk represents the geodetic center of Europe.
We can read a Latin text on the obelisk :
Locus Perennis
Dilicentissime cum libella
librationis quae est in Austria
et Hungaria confecta cum
mensura gradum meridionalium et
paralleloumerium Europeum.
English translation: This is a permanent, accurate and eternal place, which was made by Austria and Hungary with a very accurate, specific longitude and latitude measuring apparatus in 1887.
We can find there a nice restaurant, which was built from wood, it's worth to visit it for 1-1 drinks for a tired traveler. We arrived to
Рахів to watch the White and Black Tisza confluence and we have got the following instructions: About mendicants, and romas. Do not even talk to them, because there could be trouble. We haven't spoken with them, nevertheless, there had been some troubles. We had left the bus at a gas station and walked about 300 meters, when we saw the Tisza. And when I looked up to right to a little ridge on the hill, there were some points in moving. As it came true later, have arrived our long-awaited guests, the mendicants. we didn't speak to them just have been taking pictures from the Tisza. Interesting thing is that the brighter is the Black Tisza, while the darkest is the white Tisza. And there was the confluence in front of us. After a half an hour staying, it could be felt that isn't everyone in calm, because the number of gipsy children have doubled and they became increasingly insolent. We tried to reach the bus and quickly leave this place. They followed us, and when the last man have taken off the bus, they also tried. We managed to keep down them with a small fight until closing the door of the bus. When we was surrounded by them and each children grasped a "small rock", and they swang menacingly the stones toward the bus. We Could not start because they were before us. Our driver's (Józsi) brain works very well in crisis. He conceived to throw out some candy for them, which was a wonderful idea. They sprang to the decoy like the ants. And we have started by a big acceleration and set off home.


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