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2010.05.10. 12:07 speti43

Relaxing after the trip


We arrived to a white gate, where aunt Erzsébet was waiting for us with his daughter: Anikó. We was orientated into the house, where was filled half deciliter of vodka for all of us. I said to myself, it started well. We have drunk the fine beverage, but we hadn't got time to doze off, the cup mysteriously was filled with vodka again. It's not a secret, it was filled by aunt Erzsébet. As the first was drank for the joy of arrival, then the next was for the joy of the first. We couldn't stay sober ateach nightwhich based on this previous simple formula.

After the dinner (which was made for 16 persons rather than 4), our company was waiting for us at the school, which also was a community center. We were very gleeful after drinking many vodka and beer, even we arrived after 20 minutes late to the
local poet's (Váry Fábián László) perform. After the perform was an opportunity to talk with local students, and finally we looked around the school. I can't tell the reason, but the whole party ended up in the Rio bar. After two girls were accompanied home by us, and somehow we have gone back to our quarters, where waiting for us the great combination of cooked corn and snaps. We tried to eat up this glorious dishes, but we had no power to another thing, so we went to sleep.
The next day, unfortunately, had to get up early, because the bus started at 7 am usually to get us to a new trip. Needless to say, we had drunk a lot previous night, so we didn't want to drink anymore for a long time. But it doesn't work in this way in Subcarpathia unlickily or maybe luckily. When we crawled out to the kitchen, there were three full cup of vodka on the table and they grinned to us. What do you get, must be accepted, so we have just got this over. This kick of horse have started the day, there wasn't any complaint at the remaining part of the day. Less than 20 minutes late we reached the meeting place,and was already considered the possibility of leaving us. As we arrived, we could start the trip anyway.


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