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First adventure


We have started the trip from Érd at dawn, after we had been together and everybody had taken their place on the bus. The first few hours wasn’t exciting, because we crossed the well-known countryside in Hungary. After then we arrived at the border crossing point: Beregsurány.

         This border crossing point has a relatively small traffic. Everyone was preparing, we received the documents for completing and the supporting instructions. First, prepare a valid passport. If you haven’t got, your trip is ended. Of course, this doesn’t occur with us, owing to the good organization. The Hungarian border crossing and the customs clearance, followed by a more difficult part: the Ukrainian border.
Initially, we was set aside. Why did they it? Do not look for reasons, we have time, so there is no problem. The border guard officer has got in the bus and distributed to all passengers two pieces of A6 sized small sheet of paper. Which has explained in two languages (Ukrainian, English) what they want from the people who crosses the border. We have read these kind of questions: "Who are you?" This includes all of your personal data. "Where are you going?" "Why are you going there?" "How long will you stay?" "Who is going to host you?" (Exact address!). If travel by your own vehicle, you have to write your car's registration number!

When you have filled succesfully in 2 copies, both will be stamped, and one of them is feeded into the central database, the other must be preserved, when you leave the country.
         After a small 3 ½-hours waiting we entered the territory of Ukraine succesfully. At first glance, we discover that it is not Hungary, when we are inside Asztély, the first settlement after the border in Subcarpathia. We didn’t stop her, just passing to the following city: Beregszász, the capital of the administrative unit of Beregszász.

Here we stopped for an obligatory break, when everyone can go to the toilet or something like that. Please be careful, because there are a lot of gipsy beggars, talking to them is not a clever thing, because they know that you understand them, and they are increasingly violent. This apart, there wasn’t any particular problem with them. Our real destination was Mezővári (Вари), which is 12 km from Beregszász; over the direction of Nagymuzsaly, Borzsava.
                 After Arriving to the center of Mezővári to the front of the Reformed Church, we were waited by our hosts. The post, where can sleep the guests was random, it was revealed there and then, without any particular selection. With two other classmates I had the honor to share the hostel with my friend: Bence. Marton Erzsébet and his family were our hosts, and we have spent some very pleasant days. Our host, didn’t come out for us personally, but She have sent her friend called Bertalan with his car (Lada 1200) and we travelled with him to the other side of the village. It’s common, that they don’t take seriously any traffic rule than we do. In the village they drive within a 80 km /h speed not sparing any creature on the road. However, there are many animals on the cobblestone, from the goose to the cow all kinds of creatures. We managed to pass the 3 km distance without any trouble.


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